woensdag 18 februari 2009


Through the media, we watch the world go from bad to worse day by day. And maybe someday soon, the hole in the atmosphere, growing larger every day, will open to outer space. Then, the only thing that keeps us alive will fly away: breath!
Breathing is the only way to keep the mind silent. Silence brings along “listening”. The universe tells us everything. It shows us how to protect the unity.
Once upon a time, human beings knew how to keep silent. In harmony with the nature, they could catch the rhythm of being whole and join the dance on the earth. They would volunteer to become one with every being and, with the knowledge that they are pieces of a whole, to experience their being on the earth. They used to feed and hunt making sure that everything they ate would also be part of that whole. They observed lunar movements with the awareness that just like the tide; those movements also affected the human body. With their knowledge of astrology, they observed the influence of each planet and star on the human body and soul, and lived accordingly. They also knew the properties of plants and their effects on emotions, and thus were able to use their “healing” powers. All these are just facts of the conscious, not “the mystique of the orient”.
If we are living in an ailing world, there must be many things that can be done for healing... I have chosen my own way to heal and cure: a way I have created through integrating my experiences. Each color has its own wavelength, and we are beings of energy vibrating in particular wavelengths. When used properly, color frequencies can be healing. In the same way, works of art can be created in healing forms.
In this exhibition, as I present colors inspired by the nature with abstract images, I want to repeat what the plants around us tell us; that nature is part of us and the best healer is “the nature”. The 240 small paintings here are abstract works mostly defined in colors close to the seven pure colors. Smallness is far from magnificence, yet, while it implies modesty, it also shows that density has nothing to do with area. The resistence of a small plant to wind, rain and cold is an indication of its strength. Its effect is also that strong. On the four big panels, I have symbollically installed the plants that grow in our natural environment and what they tell us. Plants, in their natural way, without any need for decoration and ornamentation, are always there for us to become one and whole with their souls and essences. They are waiting around to be noticed by us, to help restore our health and strength.

Light and colors are one, just like body and soul. Every being on earth is one and “whole” with the earth. Being aware of this wholeness with the nature will bring peace on earth.

Let the light in...


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